Electric Vehicles

Find a compatible and nearby station to charge your electric vehicle and reserve it.

Charge Stations

Share and earn revenue by adding your charge unit to in the app.


We offer you the best experience with our web and mobile app.

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Car4Future Features

The main features that distinguish our app from other competitors.

Share & Charge

Add charging station and share it easily, get revenue even when your charging station is staying idle.

E.V. Plug Compatible

View the map of charging units with compatible sockets to your E.V.

Detailed Charging Station Map

Find the nearest charging units according to your battery status. Eat, drink, entertain yourself while your car is charging.

Blockchain Tech

Join the charge-sharing network prepared with block-chain technology.

Personal & Safe

We keep your personal information safe with a fast and easy to use experience.

Easy to Pay

Perform payment in one step with an advanced payment management system.

Best way of simple sharing for your charging stations

Add your charge unit in the app easily, let everyone to see it.


The best solutions
for your E.V.

Effortlessly add your E.V. information and recharge it by locating a fast charge station.


Review our app for more.

Designed separately for E.V. and charging units,
we aim to provide our users the finest experience with uncomplicated app flow.

  • Join the network in just a few steps, add your charging unit and share it for public use.
  • The charging station for your E.V. is located immediately.
  • We do our R&D works with distrubuted structure and crypto car wallet algorithm. We provide our software powered with blockchain tech where users can make decisions independently from the company.
  • Access all information about your E.V.

Revenue Models

We have planned usage fees to provide you with the best service.

Open for Public Use


  • View unlimited charge stations
  • Free E.V. Info
  • E.V. Plug Compatible



  • View unlimited charge stations
  • Free E.V. Info
  • E.V. Plug Compatible
  • The nearest charging stations
  • E.V. Estimated standby time
  • Unlimited Supports


E.V. Usage Fee * 8/100

  • Add unlimited charger
  • Information of usage frequency
  • Maintenance and malfunction information
  • Unlimited Supports


Institutions/organizations that support us during the development phase of the project.

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Business Development

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Software & Design

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be registering your car in the beginning and the app will always know which charging station provides compatible sockets for your car and the app will be showing you these stations.
When you book a particular charging station, it will not be shown in the selected time intervals on the map.
A deposit is made to your registered bank account within 7 days after the payment is completed.

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